Finally average speed checks for Belgium’s longest tunnel?

Five years after the installation of the cameras in the tunnel, Brussels Mobility will restart discussions in September about the introduction of average speed checks in the Annie Cordy Tunnel, the former Leopold II tunnel, which is the longest in the country.

In 2017, the then State Secretary for Traffic Safety, Bianca Debaets (CD&V), wanted to install average speed checks in the tunnel, but the then Mayor of Koekelberg, Philippe Pivin (MR), objected to the plans. So the speed checks, costing 150 000 euros and announced with signs at the entrance, never got initialized.

Protocol agreement

Now, Brussels Mobility wants to bring the matter up again. The organization wants to restart the process and make all parties involved sign a protocol agreement. If all goes well, the average speed controls in Brussels’s most intensively used tunnel could be operational by 2023. First, the radar still needs to be homologated.

To have the cameras in the tunnel functional for speed checks, the radars have to be homologated first /Belga

Seven average speed checks

In May 2022, another average speed check was introduced in both directions to control the 30 kph speed limit in the Chaussée de Gand/Gentsesteenweg. With success.

Only one month after the introduction, Brussels Mobility noticed that 98,5% of road users indeed respected the imposed speed limit on weekends and 99% on weekdays.

Other average speed checks in Brussels are situated in the Tunnels of the Hallepoort/ Porte de Hal, Stéphanie, Bld. Leopold III, Avenue Jules Bordet, and the quays of Mariemont and Demets. Besides the seven average speed checks, Brussels also has 90 fixed radars and 7 Lidars.

Former Leopold II Tunnel

The Annie Cordy Tunnel in Brussels, the former Leopold II Tunnel, runs under the Boulevard Leopold II. With a length of 2 534 meters, it is the longest road tunnel in Belgium. But already in 2016, it was clear two-thirds of the car drivers didn’t respect the speed limit of 50 km/h imposed.

The tunnel connects the Rogier Tunnel and the Small Beltway with the Basilica Tunnel and the A10/E40 via Keizer Karellaan. The tunnel, named after the Belgian actress and singer, is an important arterial road for traffic leaving or entering Brussels.


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