July car market still morose

According to the registration figures released by the importer organization Febiac, the Belux car market is not yet recovering. With -5,2% of new car registrations compared to 2021, the decline has been softly reducing, but for the first seven months, there is a cumulated regress of 14,8%, compared to the year 2021 already receding. The same tendency can be seen in other countries.

In Belgium and Luxembourg, the car market went 5,2% lower in July, and that of the light commercial vehicles slid down again by 10,8%, resulting in a cumulated figure for the first seven months of -27,8%. Trucks under 16 tons noted a reduction of -57,7% (-37,7% cumulated), while heavier trucks are holding their positions (-8,5% in July but +5,1% cumulated).

The market for motorized two-wheelers showed the same tendency. In July, it lost 8,2% compared to the same summer month last year, and the cumulative loss since January is -6,4%.

BMW is still leading the dance

Out of the 26 161 cars registered in July, some 2 812 were BMWs. As a result, the German premium car manufacturer stays on top of the sales listings with a 10,75% market share and only a 0,53% regress compared to July 2021.

A brand that made a tremendous jump forward in July was Peugeot: it sold 88,42% more cars than in July ’21, while the rest of the top 5 lost sales: -12,4% for VW (third), -5,24% for Mercedes (fourth), and -35,68% for Audi (fifth).

Toyota (sixth) is doing well again (+24,71%), while Citro├źn (seventh) has sold 53,58% more cars in July this year than in 2021. Dacia, Kia, Renault, Mini, Land Rover, and DS were other ascending brands. The latter were almost doubling their sales total in July. MG and Tesla were also doing very well, the first progressing by 111,1% to more than 50 cars sold in July.

The brands that regressed significantly were Audi (see above), Hyundai (-27,62%), Ford (-39,18%), Volvo (-37,89%), Nissan (-26,93%), Seat (-43,8%), Mazda (-43%), Jeep (-31,4%), Jaguar (-54,1%), and Honda (-30,7%). For the first time in a long period, Polestar also went in the red (-30,2%), while Lexus saw its sales almost halved (-47,95%).

The Netherlands

On July 22, 068 new cars were registered in the Netherlands, 17,6% less than last year. For the first seven months, the regress was only 7,3% compared to January-Juli 2021. One out of five is fully electric, 40% still rely on gasoline, and 37% have a hybrid drive. Only 2% of the newly registered cars were diesel cars.

The top 5 best-selling brands are very different from the Belux one. First is Kia, with a 13,4% market share (followed by Volkswagen 9,1%), Toyota (8,5%), Peugeot (7,0%), and Hyundai (6,7%). The differences with the Belgian market are striking, indicating that the Dutch market is much more dominated by individual buyers than company cars.


Compared to July 2021, new car sales in France shrunk again by 7%, while the cumulated regress for the first seven months was -15,3%. In those first seven months, 879 527 cars were newly registered, and that’s a whopping 450 000 less than during the first seven months of 2019. Moreover, it’s the fourteenth consecutive month of shrinking sales in the Hexagon.

Diesel and gasoline cars still represent 65% of the market, but regressed by 27% and 12% respectively. Hybrids represent 21,4% and fully electric cars 12,1%, while plug-in hybrids are regressing solidly in July and represent only 8% of the total market.

Looking at the brands, we see that Stellantis has receded by 10% in July and by almost 20% in the first seven months, while French competitor Renault Group has seen its sales of Renaults and Dacias grow by 10,84%. Over seven months, it’s still a decline of 8,7% for the first seven months. When we look at imported brands, we see the VW Group losing 25% in July and Kia progressing by almost 10%.

Where LCVs are concerned, we see also in France a significant drawback compared to last year, with a 24% decline in sales in July and 24,35% for the first seven months.






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