Louvain installs 50 ‘mystery’ screens in city center

The city of Louvain keeps its residents in suspense by announcing new information panels along the roads. The new LED screens should offer residents and visitors more detailed information about parking facilities and how to get there. But in the meantime, Monday’s press release only shows dead black screens.

According to the Alderman for Mobility in Leuven, David Dessers, the new dynamic screens should offer far more information than only the name of the parking lots and the number of available parking places. “They should help visitors to find an adequate parking place and avoid traffic in the city.”

Dynamic screens

Louvain will install the new screens – 39 dynamic and 11 semi-dynamic – on 50 locations in the city. They will inform road users about parking options, available places, and the best way to find them. They could also contain other information about traffic in general or diversion in case of an accident or calamity.

The new screens are part of a new traffic guidance and parking management system the city wants to introduce. They might also provide information about public traffic or shared mobility in the future.


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