Hyundai to roll out 27 XCIENT fuel cell trucks in Germany

Hyundai is expanding its hydrogen truck fleet in Europe by delivering 27 XCIENT fuel cell trucks to seven German logistics, manufacturing, and retail companies. They applied and got approval for the funding of eco-friendly commercial vehicles from Germany’s Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV).

BMDV has a budget of 1,6 billion euros available until 2024 for funding the purchase of eco-friendly commercial vehicles. The program applies to battery, fuel cell, and hybrid electric vehicles, corresponding refueling/charging infrastructure, and related feasibility studies.

400 km range

The XCIENT, a 19-ton Day Cab truck with a 4×2 drive system, uses a dual fuel cell stack delivering 180 kW (two 90 kW stacks) and feeding an electric motor of 350 kW/2 237 Nm). It is equipped with a 31 kg hydrogen tank at 350 bar that can be filled up in 8 to 20 minutes. Three batteries with a total capacity of 72 kWh provide an additional power source. The maximum range is 400 km.

Hyundai is already present in Europe with its XCIENT hydrogen trucks in Switzerland, where a fleet of 47 trucks was rolled out gradually, starting in October 2020. Meanwhile, they have accumulated over four million kilometers.

By 2025, Hyundai plans to send out a fleet of 1 600 hydrogen trucks on European roads. In America, it aims to roll out 12 000 heavy trucks up to 36 tons with fuel cells by 2030, and 27 000 in China.

Hyundai chose mountainous Switzerland partly because of the abundance of hydropower to produce ‘clean’ hydrogen without CO2 emissions but also because of the Swiss LSVA road tax on commercial vehicles, which does not apply to zero-emission trucks. Developing a network of hydrogen filling stations is part of the set-up.

The next phase in the European expansion is Germany, with the Netherlands and the Nordic countries likely to follow. Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility, the joint venture between Hyundai Motor Company and Swiss company H2 Energy, set up a German affiliate called Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility Germany GmbH (HHMG) to enter that market.





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