Motorbike battery swapping to become interesting business model

French Forsee Power and German Vitesco are joining the motorbike battery swap consortium formed by the major players in the motorbike sector. The consortium includes motorbike manufacturers and technology suppliers and now counts 21 members willing to jointly develop a new business model.

The Japanese and Italian motorbike manufacturers have joined forces through the Swappable Batteries Consortium (SBMC) to develop battery technology and related infrastructure to enable drivers of electric two-wheelers (scooters and light motorbikes) to change the battery pack (or several packs) of their two-wheelers at numerous locations in large cities.

Charging stations

This is done in kiosks where the batteries can be charged. Users sign in via a pass or an app for billing purposes. This way, there is no charging stress for city residents without a private parking space with an associated charging point.

SBMC now has 21 members, and in the past few months, several interesting players have been added, including Forsee Power, a French expert in battery systems, which will mainly be working on standardizing a future battery.

In this way, the batteries will not only be able to be used in different types of vehicles but also in the most diverse setups. Indeed, it is envisaged that certain vehicles will have two or even three batteries on board to generate a more extensive driving range or power a heavier vehicle. In addition, possibly compact three or four-wheelers for local delivery activities will also use the SBMC batteries.

Forsee Power

French in origin, Forsee Power is an important supplier of light electric vehicles (LEV) that do not drive on the highway but also buses, trains, and even ships. Forsee Power is also active in Asia and North America. More than 1 200 buses and 100 000 LEVs are currently driving around with the company’s battery technology.

Vitesco Technologies

Vitesco is the most recent member of the SBMC consortium. Vitesco Technologies is an innovative manufacturer of electric drive units and electric solutions for two- and three-wheelers. The company focuses on 48 Volt systems and has a very compact and high-performance motor in its portfolio.

Thanks to their technology using iRPS (inductive Rotor Position Sensor) in combination with eDCU (electric Drive Control Unit), they provide powerful and economic drives that optimize the range in the vehicles in which they are integrated.


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