Traxio: ‘Used car market 10,8% down in first seven months’

According to mobility federation Traxio, sales of second-hand cars in Belgium further declined in July after relatively better results in May. In July, 49 406 used cars were registered, a decrease of 14,4% (-8 292 units) and even a decline of 31,0% compared to 2020.

Over the year’s first seven months, the second-hand market regressed by 10,8%. On the other hand, registration of new cars performed better (-5,1%). The most popular used car brand is Volkswagen, followed by BMW, Mercedes, Opel, and Peugeot.

Yearning for holiday by air

A possible explanation for the regressing used car market is that fewer people opt for a car holiday after two years of corona restrictions. Some prefer to stay at home. Others, on the contrary, yearn for a real holiday by air.

Still, the provisioning of the second-hand market remains difficult, especially for young cars (< 7 years) with a limited number of kilometers (< 100 000 km) on the odometer.

Eastern bloc

As a consequence, prices remain high. The median age of second-hand registrations went up to seven years and eleven months. Older used cars often end up in the former Eastern Bloc.

The most favorite models in the top five popular second-hand car brands in July were the VW Golf (2 231), VW Polo (1 728), and Ford Fiesta (1 104), followed by the BMW 3-series (1 099), and Renault Clio (1 057).

Decline in diesel

According to Traxio, there is a further decline in the popularity of diesel engines (40,7%) compared to gasoline (51,9%); other fuel types are slowly but steadily increasing to 7,4%. The number of hybrid vehicles (all types of electrified vehicles with thermal engines and electric support) for the first time exceeded 5% (5,4%, to be precise).

The second-hand market mainly focuses on private individuals (89% of registrations). The share of second-hand company cars represents hardly 10%. Flanders is traditionally the largest market for used vehicles (50%), compared to Wallonia (37%) and Brussels (10%).


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