12.000 Belgians driving around with expired driver’s licenses

According to figures from Minister for Mobility Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo), more than 12 000 Belgians are driving around with an expired driver’s license. And this could lead to fines of 1 600 to a whopping 16 000 euros.

Since July 2010, those who pass their driving test get a European driver’s license. The card looks like a plastic bank card and is valid for ten years; the expiry date is mentioned on the card. Every ten years, it has to be renewed, just like an ID.

Fine of up to 16 000 euros

The problem, however, is that the owners of such cards do not automatically get a warning when the due date is in sight. So most people forget.

Still, the consequences can be serious. Motorists with an expired driver’s license risk a fine of 1 600 to 16 000 euros and a driving ban of eight days to five years or imprisonment of eight days to two years. In case of an accident, not having a valid driver’s license can also have consequences for the insurance.

Gilkinet has already promised to do something about it and create a reminder system.


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