Belgian Mercedes pilot Stoffel Vandoorne Formula E world champion

Last weekend, Stoffel Vandoorne became Formula E world champion. The Belgian pilot owes the title mainly to his steady driving style, as he only wound up 1 GP. Mercedes, by the way, is leaving this championship behind after this one.

Vandoorne may already be a world champion, but he was not the most spectacular driver in the field, as he only won one Grand Prix during the entire 2022 season. He did, however, race regularly and often took the podium, which translated into an excellent ranking in the championship points chart.

Two incidents

In that sense, the last race was a confirmation of the previous season. Vandoorne started in fourth place and eventually moved up to second place because of two racing incidents in front of him that moved him up one place each time. Vandoorne did get the opportunities in Formula E that he never got in Formula 1 with the McLaren team.

Although Formula E has been running for eight seasons now, and many participants see it as a championship in its own right next to the queen-class F1, this young discipline does not have the glamour of F1.

Mercedes pulls the plug

Relatively few motorsport fans are enthusiastic about electric racing. Not only is it less spectacular, the races are not held on classic circuits either, but on numerous improvised temporary circuits.

Moreover, Mercedes has indicated that it will stop racing in Formula E to concentrate on F1. In the latter discipline, many more technologies were developed that may later find their way into production cars.

Software perspective

F1, as a laboratory function, offers many more possibilities to develop different technologies compared to Formula E, where (to save costs) everyone starts with the same hardware, and the teams have to make the difference mainly from a software perspective.


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