Estonian Bolt quadrupled worldwide activities since pandemic

The Estonian micro-mobility platform, Bolt, celebrates its ninth birthday in Europe, and business is booming. The company with the green vehicle fleet has quadrupled its activities worldwide since the beginning of the corona pandemic. July 2022 was the most successful month ever.

Bolt is operational in Belgium since last year, and meanwhile, one can find the eye-catching green e-scooter fleet in four Belgian cities: Brussels, Namur, Dinant, and Ypres.

Exponential growth

Since their introduction in the Belgian capital in June 2021, the shared e-scooters have already covered 1 750 000 kilometers. In Brussels, the mobility service provider also offers taxis and shared e-bikes.

In Belgium, the company realized exponential growth and became the most complete multi-modal mobility player in the Belgian market, with solutions for short, long, and medium-range distances.

Ninth birthday

Bolt was created in 2013 by Markus Villig in Tallinn, Estonia. Today, the company is present in 45 countries and more than 500 cities in Europe and Africa, a 200% growth compared to pre-corona times.

Bolt tripled its clients to more than 100 million since the beginning of 2020; its employed staff doubled to more than 3 000 people, and the goal is to recruit another 700 by the end of the year.

Zero-emission micro-mobility

Markus Villig, founder and CEO of Bolt: “By providing an alternative to private cars, we can help create cities that are greener, safer, and more pleasant to live in.”

Oualid Benhammadi, Country Manager Micro-mobility at Bolt Belgium: “Our mission is to help people leave their private cars and opt for zero-emission micro-mobility instead. This will improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion in our cities. Shared scooters, e-bikes, and taxi services are a perfect alternative to private cars in the inner city. We now offer these three services in Belgium and continue to invest to offer alternatives.”



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