Mercedes-Benz shows EQE SUV interior as an appetizer

The brand with the star will further expand its range of electric models. An SUV derivative of the recent EQE saloon will follow and be officially unveiled on 16 October 2022, but Mercedes-Benz is showing the first pictures of the interior of its EQE SUV as an appetizer.

Like the EQE, this newcomer will be built on the EVA platform, and the base version will likely be offered with rear-wheel drive; all-wheel drive will be reserved for the more powerful AMG variant.

The SUV derivative will likely get the 90 kWh battery of the EQE 350+, and a cheaper version with a 72 kWh battery capacity might also follow. The latter would also be entitled to an updated electric motor paired with a two-speed gearbox.

EQE hardware

At the launch of the SUV model, which will be positioned below the EQS SUV, both the drivetrain and the futuristic interior will be carried over from the EQE. This is characterized by a large integrated touchscreen on which all systems are controlled.

The controls are also the same at first glance, including the not very ergonomic ‘haptic’ buttons for volume control. Those sliding buttons give feedback but, in practice, react very unpredictably.

There may be a base version without the MBUX Hyperscreen, although the premium screen can be seen in the first official images released by the manufacturer.

Smaller driving range

The EQE SUV will, in any case, take a step back in performance compared to the existing saloon version, which, thanks to a very slim and aerodynamic design, boasts a (WLTP) range of a hefty 660 km.

The question is how many kilometers of this will remain combined with a higher and less streamlined SUV bodywork. In that sense, it is a curious evolution that Mercedes is abandoning its tradition of building estate cars (with quite a good streamline) and is going along with the marketing logic of offering an SUV version in every segment.

SUVs have, by default, higher consumption, and this evolution is a bit in contrast with the values a ‘green’ EQ label stands for.


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