XPeng shows 480 kW hypercharger

Today, XPeng Motors showcased a new ultra-fast supercharger that offers up to 480 kW of charging power so that in ideal conditions, you can recharge up to 210 km in five minutes.

With the S4 ultra-fast charger, XPeng Motors has just developed the most powerful fast charger to date. The Chinese manufacturer has successfully recharged an XPeng X9 (large all-electric SUV model) equipped with a CATL battery with 210 km of autonomy in just five minutes.

Faster than Porsche

The new charger has a connection capacity of 480 kW and can charge an electric car at a maximum rate of 400 kW. That is currently the fastest charging unit available.

For comparison, the most powerful Tesla V3 supercharger delivers 250 kW, and Porsche, thanks to its 800-Volt system, achieves a maximum flow of 350 kW, which amounts to 120 km per five minutes of charging time.

Not possible in all areas

XPeng promises to install these charging units as soon as possible in ten cities where most G9 models are ordered. In the future, the manufacturer wants to make other XPeng models compatible with this fast charging technology.

The technology is very interesting, but such high capacities cannot be implemented everywhere for a long time because it often requires structural changes to the power grid.

At present, parks with fast charging infrastructure are mainly constructed in industrial zones; the possibilities for such charging units in the city or along the (highway) roads appear to be limited.


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