Old depot in Lochristi shelters 12 vintage buses of De Lijn

Public transport company De Lijn has put one of its old depots in Lochristi at the disposal of NostalBus, a non-profit organization that collects, restores, and maintains historical buses. Twelve buses from the period between 1977 and 1991 will be used again for events.

To celebrate the collection’s new accommodation, NostalBus will organize an open-house day on Saturday, August 20th, between ten a.m. and five p.m.

Inside view

Visitors will get an inside view of the new location, and the buses will be available for rides to and from the other train station in Lokeren or to Zaffelare. Part of the bus collection will be exhibited, and visitors are welcome for refreshments at the local bar.

NostalBus was founded in 2010, and today, the non-profit organization has about a hundred members and some forty active volunteers. Together, they do all they can to keep the vintage buses operational.


The collection contains some red buses from the former Nationale Maatschappij van Buurtspoorwegen, some blue buses formerly used in Ghent city, and the typical orange buses with blue striping that were used for public transport in Flanders and Wallonia.

Remarkable is that in times of electrification – De Lijn has expressed its ambition to make its fleet, more than 2 000 buses, emission-free by 2035 – the company nevertheless supports the use of its old and polluting vehicles for leisure purposes.


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