Ghent installs smart LED panels to improve traffic flow

The city of Ghent is upgrading the existing 100 smart information panels along the roads, indicating free parking places in the underground parking lots. The current panels will be replaced by some fifty new and strategically installed signs that will also offer additional information.

The ‘old’ panels are outdated and still work via radio communication. Only after a ten-minute interval the message on the panel is renewed. The new models will be connected to the internet and get an update every minute. Their readability will be better thanks to LED lights.

Smoother traffic flow

Car drivers entering the city will be informed about free parking spaces, alternative routes, and possible travel times. Local authorities can use the panels to inform inhabitants and visitors about possible works, diversions, or events.

The new signs will contribute to a smoother traffic flow by guiding drivers via the beltway to park-and-ride zones or to the four most important city destinations – Vrijdagmarkt, Korenmarkt, Veldstraat, and Zuid-Reep.

Travel info

Visitors can prepare for their trips to the city by consulting the traffic information platform The website will provide information about the occupation rate of parking lots, park-end-ride zones, and bicycle shelters.


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