Securex: ‘One-quarter of Belgian employees has company car’

The number of company cars in Belgium is growing steadily. The total increase in Belgium compared to 2019 is 7%. The human resources provider, Securex, conducted a survey among 39 000 employees and analyzed the ongoing trends.

Today, more than one quarter (27,3%) of Flemish employees have a company car, or 2,7% more than in 2019. In Wallonia, company cars still are slightly less popular, but the figures increased nevertheless by 10%: from 18,4% in 2019 to 20,4% today. Only in Brussels do we see a declining trend: from 25% to 22,4%, or a decrease of 10,5%.

War for talent

According to Securex, there’s a logical explanation for the increase in company cars: it’s the war for talent. Suitable candidates are hard to find, so companies easily offer newcomers a car to win them over for vacant jobs.

The opposite phenomenon, the decrease in company cars in Brussels, is undoubtedly due to the abundant offer of alternative or shared transport means. Moreover, the congested roads often are enough to hold back people from jumping into a car.

Breakthrough of electric car

Securex also noticed that the number of company cars with a traditional combustion engine decreased: from 90% in 2019 to 89,1% this year. The decrease is most significant in Brussels (-11,7%), as is the presence of electric cars.

Today, 2,5% of all company cars in Belgium are electric; in Brussels, this is 3,8%. The number of hybrid company cars, on the other hand, went up (to 8,4%). According to Securex’s expectations, the electric company car will break through next year. It will become more tax-efficient for employers as of 2026.


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