BMW and MINI to launch models with vegan interiors

BMW will introduce its first vehicles featuring completely vegan interiors in 2023. The German premium car manufacturer will replace raw materials of animal origin with innovative, bio-based materials for steering wheel surfaces, among others. The fully vegan interiors will be available for both BMW and MINI models as of 2023.

BMW wants to increase sustainability in vehicle production and reduce CO2 emissions over the entire life cycle of a vehicle. The company aims at climate neutrality by 2050 at the latest.

Suitable substitute

Replacing raw materials of animal origin makes a significant contribution to sustainability in vehicle production. BMW has always offered various fabric alternatives to leather.
Now, for the first time, it’s possible to offer a suitable substitute for leather for the steering wheel, among others. It means that the material must fulfill demanding criteria regarding appearance, wear resistance, and durability.

CO2 emission reduction

The fact that there is now a high-quality vegan alternative to the real leather previously used represents another major step toward CO2 emission reduction. The new steering wheel surface material reduces about 80% of CO2 emissions along the value chain.
“To achieve the goal of climate neutrality, BMW relies on the use of green electricity in production and in the supply chain, a consistently increased proportion of secondary materials and natural raw materials, highly efficient electric motors and combustion engines, and a high recycling rate in line with the principles of a circular economy,” BMW’s press release says.

Floor mats

Another fine example of how BMW tries to reduce its ecological footprint sits in the floor mats. The mats for several models are made from mono-material, meaning they’re easily recyclable. As a result, the BMW Group saves about 23 000 tons of CO2 and an additional 1 600 tons of waste every year.



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