Acerta: ‘More Belgian employees use leased company bike’

Today, bicycle leasing is more popular than ever among Belgian commuters. In the first six months of the year, the number of commuters who used a leased bike to ride to and from work increased by 9,1% compared to last year. Compared to three years ago, it’s an increase of 127,2%.

The figures come from HR service provider Acerta. The company conducted a survey among 260 000 employees referring to Mobility Week. Acerta discovered that 1,3% of all Belgian employees have a leased company bike: 9,1% more than in 2021, +38% compared to 2020, and +127,2% more than in 2019.

Welcome bonus

About one-fifth of all cycling employees also get a cycle allowance of 0,24 euros per kilometer ridden. So, cycling to and from work is not only a healthy and environmentally friendly way of commuting, but it’s also a smart way to gain a welcome bonus.

According to Acerta’s survey results, today, companies are more ambitious to opt for a more ecological and sustainable mobility policy than a few years ago.

Mobility budget

The number of hybrids and fully electric cars increased (11%), and also the mobility budget became more popular. In the first half of this year, five times more employers took advantage of the mobility budget than one year ago.

Now, 2,8% of Belgian employees who are entitled to a company car have a mobility budget. “The less rigid version of the measure introduced on January 1st gave its popularity a boost,” explained Charlotte Thijs, mobility expert at Acerta Consult, to the press agency, Belga.



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