ALD launches Mobility-as-a-Service assistant with Skipr

ALD Automotive, Europe’s biggest leasing company, launches in Belgium ‘ALD Move’, a ‘Mobility-as-a-Service’ (MaaS) assistant developed with Skipr that advises on the best home-work commuter and professional travel solutions on a day-per-day basis using artificial intelligence.

It’s a logical step, as ALD last year entered the capital of D’Ieteren’s daughter Skipr with a 17% stake, next to investors like Belfius Bank. ALD Move gives employees a budget, a credit card, and a digital dashboard and app to choose the best mobility solution for a given day, using a car, e-bike, public transport, shared mobility, or a combination of them.

Best mobility solution

The application gives an overview of travel journeys and associated costs, as a base for a mileage allowance, for instance, but it’s more than that. It’s meant as a travel assistant advising on the best and fastest mobility solution for that day, based on traffic and weather reports and the personal agenda of the employee.

Using artificial intelligence, the app will suggest a leased car, an e-bike, public transport, or alternative transportation, calculating travel times and costs, and alerting the user 20 minutes before departure.

It includes navigating via Google Maps between the different trajectories. By choosing an electric car, e-bike, or public transport, employees can ‘earn credits’ an employer can use as an incentive. Key is the ability to provide one invoice and VAT recuperation instead of employees having to send in expense accounts.

Customized Skipr solutions

Meanwhile, employers have a broad offer of customized Skipr technology solutions. ALD Automotive is not the only one integrating the Skipr MaaS app into its own. Belfius Bank, who injected 7 million euros into the start-up, launched ‘Belfius Move by Skipr’, offering similar solutions for employers and employees.

Also, Edenred, a French worldwide player specializing in prepaid corporate services, like meal and gift cheques, joined forces with D’Ieteren’s Skipr last year to offer mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) in its mobility budget app for Belgium.

Meanwhile, Skipr says it can count several big names under its clients, like audit and consulting firm Deloitte Belgium, which employs 4 500 people in the country, Carrefour, Luminus, and L’Oréal.

Initially, Skipr was launched in January 2019 by D’Ieteren’s LabBox in Antwerp as Pickaway, an app featuring a route planner and reservation tool that combines public transport with the car, bicycle, and e-scooter sharing and, as a first also, ride-hailing services. Six months later, it was rebaptized ‘Skipr’ for the rollout in Brussels, but also gradually in the whole of Belgium.




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