Car-sharing company Miles Mobility arrives in Belgium (update)

Miles Mobility, the largest German car-sharing company, launches its car-sharing per kilometer principle in Ghent. Brussels and Antwerp will soon follow. The company has been active since 2017 in major German cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, and Munich, among others. There it has more than 7 000 cars on offer.

In Belgium, Opel delivers 500 Corsas, GS Line, with 1,2 turbo engine (130 hp) with automatic gearbox and heated seats for comfort, for the Miles market launch. As of Wednesday, 14 September, you can use a shared car in Ghent as the first Belgian city to use Miles Mobility.

Users pay for the kilometers they drive, not per minute. Hourly packages and daily packages up to 30 days are also bookable. As soon as enough cars are available, the German car-sharing company plans to expand its free-floating car-sharing service to Brussels and Antwerp.

Ghent first

Miles Mobility is starting in Ghent with a vehicle fleet in the low three-digit range. Other vehicles and vehicle models, including e-vehicles, will follow in the coming weeks and months. An expansion to Brussels and Antwerp is also planned.

As soon as sufficient vehicles are available and preparations with the cities have been completed, there will be no obstacles to opening these other locations. Then so-called city-to-city trips can also take place, which means one-way trips from one city to another will become possible.

According to the latest figures from, car-sharing is on the rise in Belgium, says the press release. “At the start of 2022, Belgium already had 194 000 users, accounting for 2,5% of all countrymen with a driving license. Moreover, the growth is exponential: today, seven times more Belgians share a car than five years ago.”

A trend that Oliver Mackprang, CEO of Miles Mobility, took into account when deciding on Belgium as the first foreign market for the car-sharing company. “Our decision to expand into Belgium was based on careful analysis. We compared demographics, population development, density, the degree of digitization, car ownership rates, the modal split, economic indicators, and political framework conditions.”

Robin Gasthuys, Managing Director for Belgium, adds: “Ghent, in particular, offers great potential. Parts of the population already know about car-sharing, but there is still room for growth. The people are very open-minded, and so is the city itself. We are delighted that Ghent is our first Belgian city, welcoming us so warmly.”

Ghent mayor Mathias De Clercq confirms this: “Car-sharing is strongly on the rise in Ghent. To achieve our ambition of 25 000 car-sharers in 2025, I welcome any expansion of shared car supply. In this way, we are working on the mobility of the future.”

Pay per kilometer

After downloading the Miles app, one can select the vehicle wanted via an interactive map. Then, one can rent it directly or reserve it for 10 minutes for free. A longer reservation time is possible, but it needs to be paid. After the ride, the user can end the rental within the business area shown in the app. They can also set the car in a parking mode, and this also outside the business area.

The standard rental rate is €0,98/kilometer, and the temporary parking rate is €0,29/minute. There are also classic time rates from three hours to a maximum of 30 days. For example, booking a car for three hours and 40 kilometers will cost you €34. A weekend trip of three days and 150 kilometers comes at €104. These prices include VAT, fuel, energy road tax, parking tickets, maintenance, and car insurance.

When one needs to refuel on the way, he/she has to go to a partner gas station of Total; refueling is free of charge and automatically paid by Miles via the app. If the fuel level of a rented car is below 25%, the user will receive an €8 credit for refueling.

The fleet of Miles Mobility for the moment is mostly Audi A3, Opel Corsa, or VW polo, but other brands will come in, also electric vehicles.



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