Honda plans to launch 10 electric two-wheelers by 2025

Honda has planned to thoroughly decarbonize its Motorcycle Business to the point that it should be carbon-neutral from 2040. Ten electrically powered two-wheelers will be launched worldwide in the next three years. Despite this electrification, the development of thermal engines will also go on.

The Japanese manufacturer is serious about the electrification of its motorbikes, as Honda aims to sell 1 million electric motorbikes annually in the next five years. That is not an end-stage because, from 2030, the brand hopes to sell up to 3,5 million electric motorbikes annually, which means such products should account for around 15% of its total sales volume.


An important part of these new models will be compact scooter models, ideal for commuting. As these only need to achieve a limited driving range and will mainly ride in urban environments, limited power is sufficient, so Honda can also equip them with swappable batteries that are also used by numerous other motorbike manufacturers.

Such batteries can be charged at home or the office, or one stops at the charging station where one can swap the drained battery for a charged one in no time. There will also be scooters with two or more batteries for extra range when needed.

Leisure motorbikes with an electric drive would follow from 2024. These will deliver more power and, of course, also have a larger integrated battery. Separately, more compact models that deliver the performance of a moped will also follow.


This approach might be the right one, as electric two-wheelers have much more potential to break through on a large scale without the need for significant premiums or tax breaks. As in the market for pedelecs and speed pedelecs, you can see that private buyers also get an instant benefit from such a product.

Unlike an electric car (which is less capable and costs more than consumers are used to), a pedelec does offer additional benefits (autonomy and comfort). The same goes for electric scooters. The electric two-wheelers that Honda wants to build consume less than an EV, making charging cheaper, yet hardly requiring any modifications to the existing infrastructure.


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