Dutch Roetz e-bike ‘made for life’

The Dutch bicycle manufacturer Roetz launches its newest e-bike innovation. As its name already reveals, the ‘Roetz Life’, as the new e-bike is called, is intended to be ‘a bicycle for life’. The modular frame is made of high-quality materials and can be reconfigured to be useful through several stages of people’s lives.

The Roetz Life is the result of a circular mission. Respecting people and materials is a number one priority for the Dutch manufacturer. The company wanted to develop a sustainable solution and create a less polluting, re-designable e-bike with a long life span.

According to one’s needs

Different types of luggage carriers can be mounted with minor adjustments. So the bike can easily be transformed into a cargo bike or a speed pedelec, according to the (changing) needs of the user/owner.

Roetz’s founder, Tiemen ter Hoeven: “The e-bike contributes to one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world, the ‘e-waste’. While normal bicycles usually last for twenty years, we no longer see e-bikes in the streets from ten years old. We wanted to do something about that.”

Monitoring system

Every Roetz Life bike is made up of individual parts that are easy to replace or repair, even if new innovations come onto the market in the meantime. This way, the manufacturer offers a bike that will last a lifetime instead of being discarded unnecessarily early.

The Roetz Life has a central motor, hydraulic disc brakes, and seven automatic gears. The bike is available with a 500 or 840 Wh battery, the latter for more intensive use. Price? 3 375 euros. Roetz Life membership costs 86 euros a month (introduction price).

Every bicycle is equipped with a monitoring system to detect early wear and tear and indicate when repair is needed. All vehicles are built and repaired in Roetz’s Fair Factory in Amsterdam North.




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