Opel launches GSe as electric performance sub-brand

In March, Opel showed the ElektroMOD study based on the classic Manta. From then on, there was much speculation about whether a derivative production model would follow. Today, the brand announces with the Blitz that GSe will become a sub-brand for the more dynamic electric models.

Opel wants to push electrification in all segments so that the manufacturer will include an electric version of every existing model in its range by 2024. By 2028, Opel plans to be an all-electric brand, and seen in this light, GSe will become a new range-topping sub-brand.

GS/E used to stand for Grand Sport, and the E referred to ‘Einspritzung’, which at the time was a way of replacing the outdated carburetor technology with a refined injection that realized more power at lower consumption and much better emission values.

In the future, the ‘GS’ content will remain, and the ‘e’ will indicate electric drive: ‘Grand Sport electric’ in a way, GSe will become Opel’s power brand.

Premium EV

Opel will start developing high-end versions of the existing electric-powered models where driving pleasure and a lavish trim level go hand in hand. In terms of performance, too, customers can expect an approach befitting the emblem.

The constructor already indicated that the products would be ‘Autobahn Proof’, suggesting high top speed, on the one hand, and usable autonomy, on the other, as it is no secret that electric vehicles are cool lovers of highway speed as this plunges the driving range.

GTX alternative?

This GSe top label for electric models is perfectly similar to the GTX logo that Volkswagen ID. previously launched for sportier-oriented models. Although Vauxhall is only too happy to link it to the 1970s’ restomod Manta in the campaign, there is no mention of any (limited) series production of this model that was warmly welcomed by the public.



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