Antwerp to realize maximum covering of Antwerp beltway

Apart from the already agreed coverings of the Antwerp beltway, the newly added covering projects from the reserve list will also be realized. They will be finalized together with the Oosterweel connection and provide more bicycle connections and greenery. That is what the Flemish Minister for Mobility, Lydia Peeters (Open Vld), announced.

So, the reserve projects, mostly situated in the districts of Merksem and Borgerhout, will come on top of the ‘quality of life’ projects for which the Flemish government had already committed itself in the Future Association of 2017. The association’s main goal was – and is – a maximum coverage of the beltway.

‘Quality of life’ projects

“Thanks to these additional projects, the northern part of the beltway will be covered maximally, leading to the best possible balance between mobility and livability,” Minister Peeters said.

Part of the budget, 700 million of the 1,25 billion euros of the covering fund, was earmarked for ‘quality of life’ projects on the Right Bank. Meanwhile, this amount has risen to 868 million euros, partly due to indexation.

Lantis, responsible for the construction, will advance that amount, freeing some space to finance the reserve projects. The money will be retrieved in due course through the toll levy of the Liefkenshoektunnel.





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