Foxconn shows two new EV prototypes and Model C production version

Hon Hai Technology Group, better known as Foxconn, held its third annual tech day, unveiling two new EV prototypes (Model B and Model V) and the production version of the Model C, a battery-electric SUV with a range of nearly 700 km.

Foxconn is progressing rapidly in the electric car market. After showing three BEV concept vehicles under the Foxtron brand name at last year’s tech day, two additional concept cars were shown at this year’s Hon Hai Tech Day: the Model B compact crossover and the Model V pickup truck.

The Model B is a VW ID.3 competitor but should be a bit cheaper /Hon Hai Technology Group

Model B: ID.3 competitor

The Model B could be a competitor to the Volkswagen ID.3, with a length of 4,3 meters and a “cruising range” of 450 kilometers. No word yet on battery size or electric motor power, but Foxconn does tell us it has a drag coefficient of 0.26 – the ID.3 has a coefficient of 0.267 – and that the 2.8-meter wheelbase, 3 cm longer than the ID.3, should provide a roomy cockpit.

The Model V is one of the first electric pickups in the Ford Ranger/Toyota Hilux class /Hon Hai Technology Group

Model V: electric pickup

The Model V electric pickup truck is a possible competitor for the Ford Ranger or Toyota Hilux, with a payload of one ton and a towing capacity of three tons. But, again, no technical specifications have been given, only that the Model V has a double cab with space for five passengers and that it has a myriad of sensors combined with digital rear-view mirrors to improve safety.

The Model C will arrive in Taiwan in the second half of 2023 /Hon Hai Technology Group

Model C: crossover with 700 km range

Lastly, Foxconn showed off the production version of the Model C, the electric SUV it showed at last year’s tech day. It is larger than the Model B, seats 5+2 passengers, can accelerate from 0-100 km/hour in 3,8 seconds, and has a range of nearly 700 km. It will be produced by Foxconn’s Taiwanese production partner Yulon and hit Taiwanese roads in the second half of 2023.


This last point is important because Foxconn is not planning to release these vehicles under their own brand(s). Instead, they plan to deliver a ‘contract design and manufacturing service’ (CDMS), which means they will develop and produce electric vehicles to be marketed by existing or new brands hoping to enter the EV space. Foxconn will also deliver the EV software platform HHEV.OS and other critical components to customers.

Therefore, these concept models are templates to be used by other brands, which means there won’t be a conflict because of their ‘Model’ names with Ford or Tesla. For these services, Foxconn has Yulon as a Taiwanese partner and has recently purchased the Lordstown car factory, where it will also produce Lordstown Motors’ vehicles and the Fisker Pear.


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