Zuffenhausen rounds cape of 100.000th Porsche Taycan

The Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen (Germany) has rounded the cape of 100.000th Taycan rolling off production lines on Tuesday, 8 November. The ‘jubilee car’ is a Neptune blue Taycan 4S for a customer in the UK. And since production started in 2019, all these Taycans are built ‘CO2 neutral’, the company claims.

A hundred thousand units built in three years of an electric car with a list price that starts at €92 688,59 without options is not an everyday occurrence. Meanwhile, says Porsche, the Taycan has proven it can easily do more than 100 000 km without losing less than 10% of its original battery capacity. Even with almost daily fast charging.

1 500 km a day

One of these Taycan drivers proving this is Markus Kreutel, Porsche’s Head of Body Planning and CEO of Porsche Tool Making. With his Taycan Turbo, he’s constantly driving between the factories of Zuffenhausen, Leipzig, Bratislava, Schwarzenberg, Dubnica, and Horna Streda, sometimes doing over 1 500 km a day.

With a total of 134 911 km on the odometer, he says the battery capacity of his car is still 91% of the original capacity of 93,4 kWh (83,7 kWh usable). But with a WLTP range of 452 km, 1 500 km a day will require several stops at the fast charger.

Charging in 17 minutes

In theory, this Taycan should be able to charge from 10 to 80% in only 17 minutes, provided he can find a charger that actually delivers the 268 kW DC the car can cope with. And with the Taycan Turbo being a company car for obvious reasons, high fast charging prices and the car’s introductory list price of €165 173,43 won’t be a big concern for Kreutel.

Today, Porsche’s first fully electric car is available in three model variants: Taycan, Taycan Cross Turismo, and Taycan Sport Turismo, with five options of motorization and the choice between rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

Faster than Tesla S Plaid

The model that gets the farthest is the Taycan 4S with its 513-kilometer range (WLTP), claims Porsche. The fastest Porsche Taycan is the Turbo S. In August of this year, an upgraded Taycan Turbo S flashed by the finish line in 7:33.350, two seconds faster than the previous winner: the Tesla Model S Plaid (7:35.579).

But it’s not all roses at Porsche with the Taycan. In July 2022, Porsche had to recall over 40 000 vehicles worldwide with a possible problem with the wiring harness under the front seats of cars built between July 2019 and May 2018.

This was not the first time Porsche drivers had experienced problems with the Taycan. After the market launch, customers mainly experienced connectivity problems fixed with software tweaks.





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