Lucid to open Gravity SUV preordering year before production start

American electric car start-up Lucid announced it would open up preordering for its second model, a seven-seater SUV today, known as the ‘Gravity Project’, beginning of 2023, a year before production starts. Lucid promised to provide more details on Gravity next week on November 15, with the launch of the Lucid Air Pure basic model.

First, the young company, the brainchild of former Tesla engineer Peter Rawlinson has to deal with production headaches for the Lucid Air sedan. With reservations exceeding 34 000, it managed to build 2 282 vehicles in Q3, tripling the numbers of Q2, but still struggling to reach the 6 000 to 7 000 units target for this year.

That was already a scaled-down figure from 20 000 announced initially. “I’m delighted to say that we’ve made significant progress toward achieving our 2022 production target,” assures Lucid CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson. It delivered 1 398 vehicles in Q3, double of the three preceding months, but not in Europe yet.

Advanced Manufacturing Plant

In Casa Grande, Arizona, the first Lucid Air electric sedans were rolling off the assembly line in September 2021. This so-called Advanced Manufacturing Plant (AMP-1) was constructed in less than a year. But in May this year, only 1 164 cars had been delivered.

The new factory was designed to allow for growth, from 2,3 square km today to 265 000 square meters by 2023, when Lucid’s SUV Gravity production initially would start. According to that initial planning, 20 000 cars would be built in 2020, scaling up to 30 000 by 2023 and ramping up to 400 000 a year later.

Europe still waiting

The first deliveries for Europe were announced in May to begin in late 2022. That’s now, but no word since. On November 15 at the Lucid Studio Beverly Hills, all details, pricing, and delivery dates for Lucid Air Pure, Air Touring, and Air Grand Touring, will be revealed.

We’ll probably hear from optional pricing for EU markets, starting with Germany and the Netherlands. In the US, the basic Lucid Air Pure model will be listed from $87 400 and $107 400 for the Air Touring. Delivery of the first Touring will be part of the launch event.

Next force of nature

At that same event, Lucid is expected to lift the veil on the Gravity SUV project, a car it calls ‘the next force of nature’. On the dedicated website, the American brand pulls out all the stops.

“Forget what you know about any SUV that has come before. With amazing long-range electric driving and previously unimaginable performance, as well as category-redefining interior space, Lucid elevates the SUV to a new level. Just as Lucid Air has reimagined the luxury sedan, Project Gravity will redefine the luxury SUV.”

As the carmaker claims its Lucid Air to be the ‘world’s most powerful sedan’, expect the Lucid Gravity to be the world’s most powerful electric SUV. Nearing 1 080 hp power from two motors driving the front and rear wheels. Or will it turn toward the Air Saphir to loan its more than 1 200 horsepower from a tri-motor AWD electric powertrain?


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