Belgian solar car breaks world record: 1.051 km in 12 hours

The Agoria Solar Team, the student team of the KU Leuven, has succeeded in covering the longest distance in 12 hours with the solar car they developed.

In 12 hours, the BluePoint Atlas, as their newest solar car is called, covered 1 051 kilometers, breaking the previous record of the Dutch Solar Team from Delft (924 km in 12 h) with 127 kilometers. The attempt on a record took place on a private test course on Ford Lommel Proving Ground in Lommel (Limburg, Belgium).

Ready for next challenge

Over the last few months, the solar team improved their newest solar car, focused on reliability, and added some innovations. As a result, all went well. The team is confident their vehicle is ready for its next challenge: the Sasol Solar Challenge (9-16 September) in South Africa.

Student teams worldwide will be challenged to cover as many kilometers as possible on solar energy in eight days.


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