Mercedes slashes EQE and EQS prices up to 15% in China

Mercedes-Benz announced on Wednesday that it was slashing its list prices for the fully electric EQE and EQS models in China by 10 and 15%, respectively, a price drop of up to 237 600 yuan (€32 283). According to Chinese media, the Mercedes EQ range performs weakly in the world’s most active new energy vehicle (NEV) market.

The latter worked out poorly for the group’s investors, as the company’s shares dropped by 6,2% instantly at the stock exchange after the announcement. With the price cut, the Mercedes EQE equals more or less the price of the Chinese NIO ET7 sedan. The latter starts at the equivalent of €62 000 in its homeland and €72 000 in Norway, where it was first introduced in Europe.

Up to 32 286 euros less

Prices for the three versions of the EQE have been reduced from 528 000 (€71 741), 546 000 (€74 187), and 580 000 yuan (€78 806) to 478 000 (€64 947), 496 000 (€67 393) and 534 300 yuan (€72 597), respectively. NIO’s flagship sedan ET7, available in two versions, retails for prices starting at 458 000 (€62 230) and 536 000 yuan (€72 828).

The most affordable Mercedes-Benz EQS now retails starting for 204 600 yuan less (€27 799), or 845 000 yuan (€114 813) list price. You’ll get the most expensive of the four versions in China at 1 134 000 yuan (€154 080) or some 32 286 euros less. The AMG EQS 53 falls back in price less, costing now 1 486 000 (€201 908) and 1 547 000 yuan (€210 196), respectively.

Following the example of BMW and Tesla

For Mercedes-Benz, there was no other choice in an attempt to give the morale a new boost as the EQE, which was introduced in August of this year, lately performed mediocrely. Chinese premium brands like NIO are often regarded as offering higher specs at a lower price. Other premium carmakers like BMW and Tesla also had to lower prices in China.

Mercedes is now offering the existing owners in China who purchased these EQ models before November 16 a subsidy for the price difference through authorized dealers.






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