NIO offers purchase option with battery subscription

Chinese premium electric carmaker NIO is opening up its offer in Europe with a purchase option and battery renting. It is a complement to meet European clients’ wishes to the monthly car subscription it started in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark, the first countries the brand was launched after Norway.

Prices start at €51 900 for the smaller ET5, €72 900 for the flagship sedan ET7, and €76 900 for the EL7 SUV, all without the battery. You can rent the 75 kWh battery pack for €169 per month or a 100 kWh pack for €289.


This Battery as a Service (BaaS), as it is called, allows you to swap your empty battery for a fully charged one in five minutes at an NIO Power Swap Station. The first one in the Netherlands is to open on December 1st.

For those who want to ‘own’ the battery, the purchase price is set at €12 000 for the 75 kWh battery and €21 000 for the 100 kWh pack. But the option to swap the battery only applies to those renting them.

Two battery sizes

All three models can be configured with the two battery sizes, and the swapping model will allow you to choose a smaller battery for daily commuting and a bigger one for long trips in the future. The ET5 will get you a range of 445 km (WLTP) with the small battery and 580 km with the 100 kWh pack.

Even with this ‘basic’ model offered in Europe, you’ll get a 490 hp, 4WD fully electric car that accelerates in 4,3 seconds from 0-100 km/hour. And it allows you to tow even 2 000 kg, with an electric folding towing hook as an option.

The NIO ET5 is a Tesla 3 competitor, starting at 51 900 euros without the battery /NIO

Monthly subscription

Until today, only the ET7 flagship was available, with a monthly subscription for the whole car. Purchase options for all three models started this week. Financing will be added later.

The first ‘subscribed’ one was delivered to a Dutch customer end of October. It’s offered at a monthly fee of €1 719,22, decreasing with the age of the vehicle and with the option to cancel with a two-week notice or even switch to another one.

The sleek 5,1-m-long sedan, with a low drag coefficient of 0.23 Cd, features an electric all-wheel drivetrain of 480 kW (180 kW front, 300 kW rear) and 850 Nm torque. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/hour in just 3,9 seconds and counts on a Brembo brake system to stop at a short distance. With the 100 kWh battery, NIO claims a WLTP range of 560 km; with the smaller one 445 km.

The NIO ET7 flagship priced at 72 900 euros /NIO

It has a standard air suspension that instantly adapts to road conditions and comes with NIO Autonomous Driving (NAD). This was developed in-house, including perception algorithms, localization, control strategy, and platform software.

The EL7 is the SUV version of the ET7, offering the same features in a higher yet still fairly sleek body. With a 75 kWh battery, the WLTP range is rather limited to 394 km and 513 km with the long-range pack.






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