MG4 finally gets Belgian price tag: starting at €30.785 ​

Chinese MG finally has a price tag in Belgium, starting at €30 785 for the Standard version with a 51 kWh ​battery, ​125 kW (170 pk), and a WLTP range of 350 km. The Comfort version with 64 KWh ​battery and 150 kW (204 pk ​) getting you 450 km far is listed at​ ​€ 34 285. And the ultimate Luxury version with the same performance, at € 36 285.

In September, MG Europe officially ‘unveiled’ its newest electric car for Europe in 20 countries, the MG4, and opened the configurator on its EU website. But except for the UK prices released earlier, the rest of Europe had to wait for an official announcement. Belgium, where Astara Western Europe is the importer, lifted the veil just now. As expected, they mimic pretty close to the initial UK prices.

Battery swapping in the future?

The first batch of 1 000 MG4s rolled off the carrier at the Zeebrugge Port in Belgium on September 15th to be spread over Europe. The compact four-door hatchback features a very slim battery – only 110 mm high – allowing today 51 kWh to 64 kWh packs offering 350 and 450 km ranges (WLTP) and even swapping to higher capacity packs in the future.

It’s the first MG model built on the Modular Scalable Platform (MSP), developed by MG’s mother company, state-owned SAIC Motor. It’s a rear-wheel-drive platform, but AWD versions will become possible, too, with an extra motor on the front axle.

The so-called ONE PACK battery is developed specifically for the MSP platform, with the battery cells placed horizontally to limit the pack’s height to 110 mm. This way, the car’s roof could be kept as low as 1,5 m without sacrificing head space in the interior.

Charging 10-80% in 34 minutes

The Standard version offers DC charging up to 117 kW, while the others theoretically can get up to 135 kW DC. With that power, fast-charging from 10% to 80% should take no longer than 34 minutes but could cost you up to €0,85 per kWh or €14,36 per 100 km. But then you’re better off with a gasoline car ‘drinking’ up to six liters (€10,5) if you only count energy consumption.

Further, the Comfort and Luxury versions distinguish themselves by offering Vehicle to Load (V2L), enabling to power tools and appliances at 220V right off the car. Especially in winter, you’ll appreciate the Luxury version because only this one has a heat pump to make the cockpit comfortable, plus heated seats and steering wheel and pre-heating of the battery for efficient charging.

Considered a 360° view camera, electric driver’s seat, wireless charging for your smartphone, real-time navigation, and the full flavor MG Pilot (ACC/TJA/LKA/LDWBSD/RCTA/DOW) is all covered by the €2 000 additional charges, one could expect the Luxury version to become the bestseller.







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