Delhaize to install 1 800 public fast-charging stations on its sites

Delhaize has ambitious plans: next year, the supermarket chain is to install 1 800 public fast-charging stations up to 150 kW for electric vehicles on the parking grounds of its stores. By providing such a large number of charging points – the largest in the retail sector – and making them accessible to everyone 24/7, Delhaize simplifies the step to electric driving.

“If we want to ensure that electric driving takes hold, we have to make it as easy as possible. By allowing drivers to charge while they’re shopping, for instance,” says Xavier Piesvaux, CEO of Delhaize.

Delhaize wants to offer its customers an additional service. Shopping takes 35 to 40 minutes on average, and customers can recharge their electric cars during that time. Moreover, drivers will be able to reserve their charging point remotely in advance to be sure about their charging session.


The charging points will also be available for local residents who do not have a private charging station. In addition, the charging infrastructure might also attract new customers. “Those who would otherwise not shop at Delhaize may do so now because of the convenient shop-and-charge combination,” explains Piesvaux.

For the installation of the charging infrastructure, Delhaize has joined forces with the French fast-charging specialist Electra, which is investing 100 million euros in this project, together with its partner EDI (Electric by D’Ieteren).

D’Ieterens Lab Box daughter EDI offers wall boxes up to 22 kW AC for residential use and companies. In DC, fast-charging EDI goes up to 150 kW. As an integrator using third-party hard and software, EDI wasn’t involved in exploiting public chargers directly but works with third parties. Like the Delhaize deal now.

The charging stations will each have a capacity of 150 kW or 75 kW per charging point, and prices will be in line with the prevailing market. Drivers will be able to pay with a bank card or via the Electra app.




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