Traxio: ‘New and used speed pedelecs continue to peak’

The registrations of new motorbikes and second-hand ones scored surprisingly well in November. Last month, 1 093 new motorbikes were registered, an increase of 25,3% compared to last year. However, not enough for a positive annual figure. Speed pedelecs, on the other hand, continue to peak.

The annual total over the first eleven months is still -4,1% below the figures for 2021. In absolute figures, 1 021 fewer new two-wheelers were registered between January and November 2022 than last year.

Delayed deliveries

Also, the market for second-hand motorbikes did well. Last November, mobility federation Traxio listed 5 463 registrations, a 29,7% bonus compared to last year. Still, not enough to completely reverse the trend of recent months either.

The good figures for new motorbikes can be explained as delayed deliveries. And the more new vehicles on the market, the more second-hand ones become available. And maybe, the arrival of the announced technical control pushes candidate buyers not to postpone their purchase any longer and to opt for value for money before the new regulation comes into force.

Two specific buyer profiles

According to Traxio, despite the crisis, there are two specific buyer profiles. The category older than 50, especially those who can afford it, and the younger group, at the beginning of their careers and still living with their parents, and, therefore, less confronted with the crisis.

Honda, BMW, and Yamaha remain the most popular brands in the market of new vehicles. Honda, Yamaha, BMW, Suzuki, and Kawasaki remain the most popular brands in the second-hand market. Together, they represent 56,5% of the total market.

New and used speed pedelecs

Sales of speed pedelecs, the high-speed electric bicycles, also continue to peak. Even the second-hand ones. In November alone, mobility federation Traxio listed 1 287 new registrations, 365 more than last year, or an increase of 39,6%.

Sales figures will probably reach record levels this year because, in the last eleven months, 16 328 new speed pedelecs appeared on the roads, representing a growth of +40,2% (4 682 units). The number of used speed pedelecs increased by 15% (384 units), bringing the annual total to 5 334 units (+92,6% compared to 2021).

The registrations of speed pedelecs continue to surprise month after month, so Traxio expects spectacular year results for 2022 /

‘Excellent results’

Filip Rylant, spokesperson for Traxio: “the registrations of new and second-hand speed pedelecs continue to surprise us month after month. Despite the falling temperatures and shorter days, the results for November were excellent.”

Speed pedelecs remain particularly popular in Flanders. The Flemish part of the country accounts for 95% (15 517 units), while Brussels (342) and Wallonia (469) represent the remaining 5% of the market.

Antwerp is forerunner

“Remarkable is that the number of registrations grows in almost every province. Antwerp remains the forerunner, followed by East Flanders and Flemish Brabant. And although modest in absolute figures, it is nice to see that Brussels and the Walloon provinces are gradually showing more interest in speed pedelecs.”

Stefaan Lampaert (Traxio Velo) expects spectacular years results for 2022. “Speed pedelecs remain popular and are even gaining in popularity. Recent reports about the government’s intention to tax company cars (the so-called ‘salary cars’) and fuel cards make people opt for a bike.”

Private purchases

Private individuals still account for almost half of sales (48,1% of the market) in the first eleven months of the year. In addition, leasing is becoming increasingly popular, with 36,7% of the market (5 992 units), an increase of 45,7%. Direct purchases by companies represent 15,2% of the market.

Since their introduction on the market in 2015, the fleet of speed pedelecs is estimated at 50 000 units. Leased speed pedelecs are usually replaced after a few years, and they come back onto the market as ‘used bikes’. That is why the second-hand market of speed pedelecs is booming as well.




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