Volvo Trucks adds heavy box truck options to electric range

Volvo Trucks has expanded its electric range to include ‘rigid’ versions of the FH, FM, and FMX Electric: long-wheelbase versions for heavy box trucks, construction vehicles, or heavy distribution vehicles. These new trucks are primarily meant for urban use, but several battery and cab options are available.

Volvo Trucks already produces lighter electric box trucks (FL & FE Electric) and heavy electric tractors (FH, FM & FMX Electric). Starting in March 2023, heavy box trucks and other built-on applications on the long-wheelbase platform will also be available in the FH, FM, and FMX electric model range.

Heavy trucks for the city

Examples given by Volvo Trucks are large distribution trucks, heavy garbage trucks, or construction vehicles, such as crane trucks and cement mixers.

These trucks are often found in city centers, where they add to the air and noise pollution. The range is also less of a problem in these urban applications, so functionality is not compromised with these electric alternatives to existing diesel models.

Volvo Trucks will offer several battery packs, based on 90 kWh units, from 180 to 540 kWh. This means customers can choose between different prices, ranges, and payload options to suit their application. The largest battery options (450-540 kWh) will be the first to go on sale in December 2022, with production starting in March 2023.

These variants will also be available with different (sleeper) cab options. The 360 kWh variant with a 330 kW motor and a day cab will enter production in May 2023, with the smallest battery option following in September.


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