Mechelen prepares radical redesign of E19-junctions

The Agency for Roads and Traffic (Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer, AWV) has launched several studies to analyze how traffic at the main junctions in Mechelen North and South on the E19 highway can be improved.

A study team is considering reorganizing the successive entrances and exits. To this end, they would like to build parallel roads that could be created by moving the actual E19 highway lanes to the median strip.

Dialogue sessions

The research team’s primary goal is to analyze how they can open up the region and make traffic safer. In addition, they want to discourage traffic in residential areas and improve the flow of public transport. Finally, they hope to encourage companies and employees to travel more sustainably.

In the coming weeks and months, various consultation sessions will be organized, with professionals and residents, to see the options to provide smoother connections for car traffic, cyclists, and pedestrians.

The first dialogue will take place today, December 15th. Citizens will be introduced to the project and invited to ask questions and put forward suggestions.

Multimodal city boulevard

There will be separated bikeways, and the business parks will become more accessible. Freight traffic will be kept from residential areas as much as possible.

In its turn, the interchange in Mechelen South will be transformed into a multimodal city boulevard. The existing roundabout and the connection with the Brusselsesteenweg will be transformed into a junction with traffic lights. Crossings for cyclists and pedestrians will become conflict-free to avoid direct contact with motorized traffic.

‘Sustainable solutions’

“Thanks to all those measures, we can replace space-consuming infrastructure with smart and sustainable solutions to improve traffic flow on the E19,” said Mobility Minister Lydia Peeters (Open Vld).

The study team will collect all valuable suggestions and ideas gathered during the dialogue sessions, and in 2023, they will submit a preliminary design and ask for an environmental impact assessment.

More information about the project called ‘Dénouement of Mechelen’ (Ontknoping van Mechelen) can be found at


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