Bravoauto: new second-hand car business by Belgian Toyota importer

Inchcape, the British car distributor that also imports Toyota, Lexus, and BYD in Belgium, has opened a second-hand car business to try to take a piece of the growing used car market. The company is called Bravoauto and has already opened a delivery center in Machelen, near Brussels Airport.

The Belgian used car market has been booming ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, with supply chain issues and other shortages significantly increasing delivery times and prices of new vehicles, causing customers to flock to the used market.

As usual, in 2021, more second-hand vehicles were (re)registered in Belgium than new ones. Unfortunately, this also caused second-hand car prices and resellers’ margins to skyrocket, although the market has since calmed down.

The first delivery center has opened in Machelen and currently has about 100 cars for sale /Bravoauto

My Way-style

Inchcape, the British multinational car distributor and importer for Toyota, Lexus, and BYD in Belgium, wants a piece of that cookie. So it has opened Bravoauto, an independent used car business like VW Group importer D’Ieteren’s My Way.

Bravoauto offers a year of warranty, a complete technical check-up, and a service history, and they also claim to give customers beneficial terms for financing and insurance.

The ambitions for BravoAuto are pretty careful to start with: it has set a goal to sell 5 000 vehicles in two years and wants to grow its staff to 35 people in the same period.

Online purchasing on the radar

For now, customers have to go to the delivery center in Machelen, near Brussels Airport, but in a later stadium, they can reserve and even buy the cars online.

More delivery centers are also planned, initially near Antwerp and Brussels, but Ghent, Wallonia, and Luxembourg are also on the road map.


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