Last ride in a Dutch-built Tesla 3 hearse

Going silently and electric until your final destination is now possible in a Dutch-built Tesla 3 hearse, a European first for this smaller Tesla, as Derks Autogroup in the Netherlands shows. The hearse is based on a Model 3 Standard Range Plus and gets a 100% composite, lightweight body with a tailgate.

It features small side doors, extra storage under the extendable box floor for the coffin, electric curtains for privacy, and LED lighting in the box. A starry sky or extendable flower racks are two of the options. Derks performs customized installations within their workshop.

Range of 375 km

After conversion, the hearse with Tesla’s Standard Plus range package and rear-wheel drive still has a range of 350 to 375 km out of the official 448 km WLTP rating, the company claims. That should give short shrift to any range anxiety, as the last ride to the cemetery is primarily a short one.

Derks Funeral Mobility, the Hearse & Limo Company, is part of the Derks Autogroup. Jack Derks started the company in 1991 from the workshop in his parents’ barn in the village of Schaijk.

Initially, as a repair and maintenance shop, the company specialized in commercial vehicles and conversions and became an official automobile company based in Uden, between Nijmegen and ‘s Hertogenbosch.

It made itself a name in refrigerated and freezer vans and vehicles for disability transport, all built and maintained entirely indoors. In 1999, the first transfer vehicles and hearses were constructed in the workshop of Derks Specialties. And with the acquisition of the Dutch Hearse & Limo Company in 2016, the ‘Funeral Mobility’ branch was officially incorporated.

No longer a rare commodity

Electric hearses are no longer a rare commodity, as several companies have been specializing in them for some time now with a converted Tesla Model S or Mercedes e-Vito. One of the most affordable is probably a Nissan Leaf Hearse converted by Wilcox Limousines.

This leading British family coachbuilder, established in 1948, converted a standard 68 kW Nissan Leaf by cutting the rear doors and pillars, extending the chassis by 80 cm, moving the battery backward to better balance the weight, and building a new carbon fiber deck for a 2,1-meter coffin.

As its weight remains roughly the same as the original Leaf by replacing the metal rear end with lightweight carbon fiber, the Leaf Hearse has the same range, some 330 km.

With its extended chassis and carbon fiber deck for the coffin, the Nissan Leaf Hearse is a stylish way to leave this world /Wilcox Limousines





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