VinFast gives details about smaller cars VF6 and VF7

VinFast, Vietnam’s electric car manufacturer, is lining up its following two models after the VF 8 and VF 9 that were previously presented. At CES, VinFast specified the VF 6 and VF 7, their new B and C segment electric cars. Vinfast expects to open reservations this coming March. Meanwhile, the brand’s launch in Europe seems to be postponed again. Nobody knows when the European headquarters will actually start distributing cars.

The Vinfast V6 and V7 are smaller electric crossovers that the company unveiled as design studies a year ago at CES 2022. The market launch had initially focused on the two large models, VF 8 and VF 9 (initially known as VF e35 and VF e36 and size-wise to be compared to a BMW iX3 and iX). Now, the next two EVs, both more compact SUVs, will follow.

Compact middle class

The smallest one is the VF 6. At 4,29 meters in length, one could compare it to a VW ID.3, with a width of 1,82 meters and a height of 1,59 meters. The wheelbase is 2.73 meters. The battery pack should have a capacity of 59.6 kWh, but it is not specified whether this is a gross or net value.

Like its bigger brothers, the VF 6 will be available in two variants, called Eco and Plus. In the VF 6 Eco, a 130 kW e-motor with 250 Nm torque drives the front wheels, making 399 kilometers possible (according to WLTP standards).  The VF 6 Plus is slightly more powerful, with 150 kW and 310 Nm. The range shrinks to 381 kilometers (WLTP). The base model rides on 17-inch wheels, and the Plus on 19-inch wheels. Prices are not yet released.

One step higher

The VF 7  is 4,55 meters long, with a wheelbase of 2,84 meters, 1,89 meters wide, and 1,64 meters high. To stay with the same comparison, it is comparable to a VW ID.4. The battery in both VF7 variants (and here also there is an Eco and a Plus), has a capacity of 75,3 kWh.

The difference between the Eco and Plus powertrains is more significant here than in the VF 6. The e-motor of the VF 7 Eco is the same as in the VF 6 Plus, a 150 kW front-wheel drive with 310 Nm. Thanks to the larger battery pack, the range increases to 450 kilometers (WLTP). 19-inch rims are standard here.

The VF 7 Plus has an electric all-wheel drive with two e-motors, delivering 260 kW and 500 Nm at their common peak. The range of 431 kilometers is not so far below that of the front-wheel-drive one. On the Plus, we find 20-inch rims standard, while 21-inch rims are optionally available. Once again, no prices yet.

The VF 7 can be compared to a VW ID.4 /VinFast)

Younger customers

Inside, both series standardly rely on a 12,9-inch central touchscreen; in the VF 7 Plus, it is 15 inches. Both models offer a Level 2 highway driving assistant and the ability for over-the-air (OTA) updates. Vinfast does not provide any information about the installed charging systems yet, either.

” VinFast always strives to bring diverse vehicle options to meet the demands of most customers while pushing the transition from ICE to all-electric vehicles,” said Le Thi Thu Thuy, vice chairwoman of Vingroup and CEO of VinFast. “I believe these models will resonate well with young customers who are passionate about technology and love exhilarating driving experiences.”


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