D’Ieteren will show more than cars at BMS

Where VW Group importer D’Ieteren had decided not to be present at the 2022 BMS (which was finally canceled), it’s again present with an entire exposition hall (11) at the BMS 2023. But the importer will not only show the novelties of its VW Group brands. Apart from that, all ‘new mobility’ proposals will also be represented in this ‘full mobility’ hall.

“We want to create a broad ecosystem of sustainable mobility for everyone,” says Denis Gorteman, CEO of D’Ieteren Automotive. “We want to respond to the challenges of our ever-evolving society. The motor show gives us a unique opportunity to show all these innovations to a larger public, but it also allows us to hear their wishes and expectations.”

And Gorteman continues: “For more than five years already, we have invested in creating a real multi-modal ecosystem that offers a spread of alternatives apart from the car. At D’ieteren, we are firmly convinced that mobility (of all kinds) is a base for individual well-being and collective prosperity.”

Looking for surprises

Visitors arriving in hall number 11, the ‘D’Ieteren hall’, will find all the newest mobility initiatives of the importer. They can see bikes of the Lucien chain, the charging panels of EDI, the solar panels of G-Solar, the recent initiatives of the start-up Lab-Box, etc. Even the second-hand chain of the importer, My Way, will have a presence.

Apart from looking at a few concept cars like the VW ID. Xtreme, the Cupra UrbanRebel, and the Skoda Vision 7S, visitors can, of course, also look into the newest EV offerings of the different brands inside the VW Group. A new offer, very different from the rest, is Microlino, D’Ieteren’s proposal to the growing business of microcars that offer electric urban mobility at a reduced cost.

“In the whole panoply of mobility solutions, the Microlino has to interest young city dwellers at the beginning of their life and career, and free-lance professionals, but also young families with children that already have a (company) car in the family but are looking for a vehicle that offers more (weather) protection than a bike,” says Vincent Struye de Swielande, MD of Microlino Belux.

Leasing or hiring

Owning a vehicle, whatever it may be, is not the only way to ensure one’s daily mobility needs. Leasing and hiring formulas are already widespread in companies and professional environments, but they can also be attractive to individuals. Those people consider mobility rather a service than a buying deal.

D’Ieteren wants to offer them formulas to acquire the use of all kinds of transport without actually buying them, like renting, leasing, private lease, or other means of financing personal mobility.



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