SD Worx: ‘Belgian SMEs fastest to green their fleets’

Belgian SMEs, companies of up to 250 employees, invest more rapidly in ‘green’ car fleets. In 2022, one in eight new commercial vehicles was fully electric. Most company cars (80%) are younger than five years, and since 2021, there are more new hybrid gasoline cars than diesel cars.

The largest part of newly registered company cars (54%) were (hybrid) gasoline cars, with significantly lower CO2 emissions. CO2 emissions of new gasoline-powered company cars decreased by 27% in five years. The figures come from the latest human resources service provider SD Worx study.

The more eco-friendly, the more expensive

However, more environmentally friendly vehicles are more expensive. The more eco-friendly, the more expensive. The average list price of electric company cars has risen to 60 850 euros, and the average catalog value of (hybrid) gasoline cars has increased by 40% in five years (to 43 000 euros in 2022).

The smallest SMEs appear to be the greenest. They have relatively more fully electric cars (16%) and (hybrid) gasoline cars (61%), and their average CO2 emissions are the lowest. In 2022, one in eight company cars (12,5%) were fully electric. For the smallest SMEs (<20 employees), this is even 15,75%.

Top five

The top five sectors with the most company cars are wholesale and brokerage, software development, and ICT consultancy, business management services, architects and engineers, and the construction sector. Also, almost all sales representatives (93%) have a company car.

SMEs (up to 250 employees) represent 64,3% of all company cars. In organizations with 20 to 49 employees, almost one in three (30,65%) has a company car, and that number has increased in the last five years. In the smallest companies, about one-quarter of employees (25,97%) have a company car.

Commercial profiles

Most company cars are driving around in Flemish Brabant (32,73%) and Brussels (24,77%). The province of West Flanders has the least company cars.

Those driving a company car are not necessarily top earners but commercial profiles with a white-collar status. One in three earns less than the median gross wage of 3 000 euros. Most employees with a company car (52,33%) earn less than 4 000 euros gross. Three quarters earn less than 5 000 euros gross.


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