Belgian start-up Veton wraps EV-charger in fashionable design

Belgian start-up Veton wants to conquer the world and a growing number of EV owners from its base in Antwerp by wrapping the classic EV-charge pole or wallbox in a sleek, fashionable design with the cable neatly hidden when not in use.

As 85% of EV charging is done at home or work, the young entrepreneurs target a public that values design in outdoor commodities like a mailbox or, in this case, an EV charger. People willing to pay 300 to 500 euros extra on a base price of €1 611 (VAT excl) to have it in wood, natural blue stone, or marble, with a golden LED stripe as a finishing touch.

Small electric cabinet inside

To keep the design as sleek as possible and to be able to store the charging cable, Veton keeps the electric components in the outdoor casing as minimal as possible. As opposed to more traditional EV chargers, Veton provides a small electric cabinet with charging components that can be mounted inside the building.

Why? “On the one hand, this allows us to keep the charger more compact, maintaining a beautiful aesthetic. On the other, the components are better guarded against natural elements, providing increased sustainability,” they state on the website.

Wide range of connectivity options

The cabinet needs a connection to the internet (UTP network cable or 4G with an integrated SIM chip) to connect to an Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compatible platform.

Veton’s chargers are available with a wide range of connectivity options, they claim. “The standard version offers extensive possibilities to control the charger from home automation systems and OCPP-compatible platforms like Mobiflow or E-Flux (with optional MID-certified meter). In addition, an optional RFID module provides the ability to keep track of charging sessions for different users when integrated.

Technology from Phoenix Contact

Driving forces behind Veton are Jens Téblick en Brend Brentjens, who jointly started an IT company called Lemon Companies five years ago but decided to make their ideas about a more fashionable EV charger tangible in a new start-up.

They got help from Jens’ father, who himself runs a business in design outdoor lighting and heating products, and Jan Van Bogaert, former technical director at Alcatel – Lucent.

Ultimately, for the technology itself, they partner with German specialist Phoenix Contact, a global market leader and innovator for electrification, networking, and automation. The latter, employing some 20 000 people worldwide, delivers, among others, some 70% of electrical components of today’s DC chargers.


The main electric components and electronics are kept safely in a separate cabinet to be mounted inside the building /Veton


Wallbox in sleek design with the plug neatly stored /Veton







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