Kia offers glimpse into EV9 specs and pricing

Kia may have just revealed some of the EV9’s specs and pricing in a customer survey. The family SUV could be offered in five different trim levels, starting from 56 000 US dollars (51 500 euros) and with a range of up to 290 miles (464 km). The launch of the EV9 is scheduled for later this year.

Kia has already revealed glimpses of the EV9, its upcoming flagship electric SUV with three-row seating. Still, it seems some of the definitive specs have been ‘leaked’ via a customer survey shown to Electrek. It reveals trim levels, powertrain specs, and pricing of the EV9, although Kia has already commented that final specifications might vary at launch.

Up to 464 km EPA range

The survey shows five trim levels for the Kia EV9: a base model with a 56 000 dollar price tag (51 500 euros), a 200 hp powertrain, a 220-mile range, and seven seats. Next up is a 290-mile (464 km) range version for 61 000 dollars (56 150 euros) which also features a 2 000 lbs (907 kg) towing capacity and captain chairs on the second row.

Next up is a more powerful variant with 400 hp, which limits the range to 260 miles (416 km) but adds a 3 500 lbs (1 600 kg) towing capacity for 63 000 dollars (58 000 euros). The penultimate trim level for the Kia EV9 is a 68 000-dollar (62 600 euros) version with larger wheels, a 240-mile (386 km) range, and vehicle-to-grid bidirectional charging capacity.

The quoted top trim is a more offroad-oriented version with more torque, a 4 500 lbs (2 000 kg) towing capacity, higher ground clearance, and all the other extras for 73 000 dollars (67 240 euros). These prices don’t include tax, of course.

Kia showed a concept version of the EV9 in 2022, which seems to stay relatively close to the production model /Kia

Larger battery than EV6

The quoted range appears to be an EPA figure, as Kia has previously announced a range of up to 540 km according to the WLTP standard, which is less stringent than the (more realistic) EPA ratings. This would mean that the EV9 will likely get a larger battery than the EV6 (77,4 kWh), with which it shares its E-GMP architecture.

Even though the Kia EV9 is aimed more at the US market, where the large Kia Telluride is also a popular model, the large electric SUV (4,94 m) will also make its way to Europe to become Kia’s flagship model in our market. We’re likely to get different trim levels than American customers, but the quoted figures indicate what we may expect from the powertrain, and in terms of price.


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