Didier Blokland new Director Communications at Stellantis Belux

Didier Blokland, until December 2022 Marketing Director for Peugeot at Stellantis Belux and active at Peugeot Belgium for 21 years, is the new Director of Communications, PR & Events of the Belgian importer of the French-Italian-US car brands. He succeeds Dominique Fontignies, who left the company a few months ago.

Blokland took up his new role beginning this year, with the challenge of handling the press contacts and PR for Stellantis at the Brussels Motor Show 100th edition, which was organized again after disappearing for two years during the corona crisis. Being the Stand Manager for that motor show since 2018, it wasn’t an unfamiliar environment for him.

An old hand at Peugeot Belux

Blokland is an old hand at Peugeot Belux – later PSA and Stellantis –  as he started there in December 2001 in customer services, becoming the manager for the brand’s websites in Belgium and social media from 2006 to 2013.

Taking a different tack in 2013, he focussed on





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