EU to support new night train Amsterdam – Brussels – Barcelona

The European Commission has selected ten pilot projects for new train connections between European cities. One of those pilot projects is a new night train, connecting Amsterdam, Brussels, and Barcelona, similar to European Sleeper’s earlier announced Brussels-Amsterdam-Berlin line.

The Commission will also support several other pilot projects to stimulate the expansion of international rail traffic during the day and at night, including connections between Paris and Venice, Leipzig and Stockholm.


“As the demand for green mobility grows, the rail market must respond better and faster, especially for long-distance and cross-border journeys,” says European Commissioner for Transport Adina Valean in a press release.

Apparently, a real challenge since problems with rail capacity and the lack of coordination between national infrastructure managers hinder the expansion of the international network.

Best alternative

More and more people consider the (night) train the best alternative to more polluting transport, and the ideal travel solution for trips abroad. For many, the (night) train is the best choice to cover long distances and, at the same time, limit their ecological footprint. traveling by train is comfortable, efficient, affordable, and sustainable.

What most adherents like about a night train connection is that you board in the evening, sleep in a proper bed, and in the morning, you wake up in another world, ready to explore.

European Sleeper

European Sleeper, the Dutch-Belgian night train service announced in February 2021, will be operational in May 2023. The train will connect Brussels, Amsterdam, and Berlin, and be available three times a week in both directions.




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