Mercedes-Maybach also to develop its EV potential

Mercedes-Maybach is introducing its first model with a plug-in hybrid drive. This is essentially the Maybach variant of the plug-in hybrid of the Mercedes S-Class. The first fully electric model from Maybach will also be presented before the end of 2023.

The plug-in hybrid Mercedes-Maybach S 580 e, now presented, offers a purely electric WLTP range of up to 100 kilometers. The electric motor contributes 110 kW to the system output of 375 kW. The performance data are hardly surprising, as the Mercedes-Benz S 580 e presented in 2021 uses precisely the same drive. The combustion engine is a 270 kW in-line six-cylinder with a displacement of three liters.

An 11 kW charger is on board as standard for three-phase charging on the AC grid. Somewhat more surprising: the 60 kW DC charger is only available as an option also in the Maybach and is not part of the standard equipment of the luxury top model. With it, charging the battery should take around 30 minutes. Considering the use of such a limousine, often with a driver, all elements for fast charging should be standard.

Appearance and equipment

As there are almost no technical differences, the Maybach-specific changes mainly concern the appearance and equipment of the luxury saloon. The radiator grille at the front features the vertical struts typical of Maybach, and the rims are also in the style of Maybach models with combustion engines. Pictures of the interior of the brand’s first plug-in hybrid have not yet been published.

The first Maybach plug-in hybrid will first be launched in China, followed by Thailand and Europe, and other countries. Mercedes does not yet name prices either, but the Mercedes-Benz S 580 e is available in Belgium at prices around € 140 000.

As the price of a Maybach model of the long-wheelbase S-Class is around € 50 000 higher when looking at the conventional ICE models, the price of this PHEV Maybach should turn around € 200 000, more or less.

‘Locally emission-free driving’

“With our first plug-in hybrid model, we combine the luxury experience typical of Maybach with locally emission-free driving in electric mode. The Mercedes-Maybach S 580 e represents an important step in transforming our tradition-rich brand into an electric future,” says Daniel Lescow, Head of Mercedes-Maybach at Mercedes-Benz Group. “We will present the first fully electric model as early as 2023,” he adds.

The manager did not give any further details about the Maybach BEV. However, looking back at the IAA 2021 in Munich should provide a hint. There, the Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS was presented. That vehicle was not based on the EQS sedan but on the EQS SUV, which was not yet launched at the time.

As the high-luxury car makers are practically falling over each other in offering high-end super-luxury electric SUVs for the moment, it seems logical that the super-luxury branch of Mercedes is following the same path. Driving electric behemoths of over 3 tons will distinguish the high and wealthy once again from the normal EV drivers in the future.

There’s a big chance that the first fully electric Maybach will be an SUV based on the EQS SUV recently launched. Mercedes already hinted at this at the IAA in Munich in 2021 with this concept /Mercedes-Benz



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