Rolls-Royce Spectre finishing ‘most rigorous testing ever’

Rolls-Royce’s first electric production vehicle, the Spectre, is honored to endure the longest and most intensive testing program in the brand’s history. The Spectre is currently undertaking hot weather testing in South Africa and is scheduled for the first deliveries starting in Q4 2023.

Rolls-Royce wants to get it right with the Spectre. Not only because it has to match or exceed the high expectations set by customers in terms of luxury and comfort but also because it forms the foundation of the electric future that the British luxury brand is undertaking.

Extensive hot weather testing

Therefore, Rolls has concocted a 2,5 million kilometer testing program following the marginal gains logic, where minor improvements can add to significant differences in the driving experience. You could compare it to a Formula 1 team shaving off grams of weight to beat the competition by a tenth of a second.

Currently, the Spectre has completed about 2 million testing kilometers as it endures extremely hot weather testing in South Africa, with a mixture of dry and moist climates and temperatures of over 50°C. This is a test for the climate control systems and the rubbers in the suspension and cabin insulation, which soften up in high heat and could, therefore, change in characteristics.

The contrary is also true during the winter tests conducted in late 2021 in Sweden, where these same rubber compounds actually harden in -40°C temperatures. But, even then, Rolls-Royce wants optimal thermal and acoustic sealing for the Spectre’s passengers.

Lifestyle Analysis is next

Interestingly, after the hot weather testing is completed, the Spectre will be put through what Rolls-Royce calls ‘Lifestyle Analysis’, where it will be tested in “super-luxury situations and use-cases specific to Rolls-Royce clients, to ensure Spectre performs as required in the center of global megacities, around new and historical luxury destinations, and in other settings commensurate with owners’ needs, habits and lifestyles”.

Not being Rolls-Royce owners ourselves, we can only imagine what this Lifestyle Analysis entails. Still, we assume it involves valet parking at luxury hotels and cruising around central London or Paris in total comfort and without causing wrinkles in designer outfits.

520 km driving range

To recall, the Rolls-Royce Spectre is a two-door coupé that measures 5,45 m in length, 2,08 m wide, and 1,56 m high. It’s powered by a 430 kW (585 hp) and 900 Nm drivetrain, which allows it to sprint to 100 km/hour in 4,5 seconds while achieving an estimated driving range of 520 km thanks to a yet-to-be-confirmed battery pack.

Deliveries are set to start in late 2023, with a price that should lie between the Cullinan and Phantom, which means you should set aside at least €400 000 to get your hands on Rolls’ first production EV. But that doesn’t account for any Bespoke personalization, which most Rolls-Royce customers opt for…

The Spectre is a two-door electric coupé with a driving range of around 520 km / Rolls-Royce Motor Cars


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