Antwerp plans two public fast charging squares for EVs

The city of Antwerp is planning to install at least two ‘fast charging squares’ for electric vehicles on its territory. Each of them will have eight fast charging points where electric vehicles can recharge a considerable amount of kWh in 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the type of vehicle. A high-voltage cabin will guarantee sufficient power for charging.

The infrastructure should equal the ease of use of a traditional gas station and enable people to ‘fill up’ without causing extra traffic in residential areas.

The first squares are planned to be installed along the Antwerp Singel: in the car park at the Uitbreidingsstraat and at the end of the Plantin Moretuslei. Construction works could start in autumn at the earliest. The city is currently investigating additional locations for similar squares along the major connecting roads.

‘Scarce commodity’

“It is important to plan the right charging infrastructure in the right place. Public space is a scarce commodity, and we have to deal with it carefully,” says Antwerp Alderman for Mobility, Koen Kennis (N-VA).

Today, Antwerp has 870 ‘normal’ charging points, of which 442 are situated on public territory, 298 in parking lots, and 130 in park-and-ride buildings. The city also counts 20 fast charging points on public territory.

Residents can apply for a ‘normal’ charging point in their surroundings, but fast charging points are strategically planned by the city and cannot be requested by citizens. Antwerp has a concession agreement with TotalEnergies since September 2021 to expand the public charging infrastructure.


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