VAB: ‘8/10 Flemish drivers would flunk official theory exam’

More than eight out of ten Flemish drivers would flunk their theoretical driving test if they were to take it again. That is what mobility organization VAB discovered after organizing a large-scale ‘traffic quiz’.

Almost five thousand people participated in the quiz; 86,1% failed. Although most of them have had their driver’s licenses for ten, twenty, or even thirty years, the Flemish driver’s traffic knowledge is lamentably poor.

Real driving test

Most respondents failed to achieve at least 21 out of 25 points (or 41 out of 50 for the official theory exam). Moreover, more than 1 in 6 participants scored less than 13 out of 25 and, therefore, did not even pass half of the exam. Only 13,9% achieved the target score of 21 out of 25 or more.

In the real driving test, you would immediately lose five points if you answered incorrectly a question about a third- or fourth-degree offense or about the speed limit, something VAB didn’t even apply in the quiz. The quiz contained 25 questions on all kinds of topics, both novelties and traffic rules that have been in effect for many years.

Lowest success rate ever

Figures show that lately, more people are taking their theoretical exams again, but, at the same time, the success rate continues to decline. While the success rate in 2016 was still above 50%, it fell to 37,9% last year. The lowest success rate ever. Apparently, people are less prepared when taking their exams, and the driving test also has become more difficult since 2017.

According to Peter Landsheere, general director of VAB Driving School, both novice drivers and people with years of experience have a particularly poor knowledge of traffic regulations. “And it is precisely the latter group that accompanies the current student drivers,” he says.

VAB is, therefore, pleased with the reintroduction of the training session for supervisors. “Refreshing the highway code is sorely needed,” the organization concludes. So, free supervisors will have to follow another training session as of October 2023, and more attention will be paid to traffic regulations.





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