Flanders will not allow car inspection centers to raise prices

Last year, the Flemish technical inspection centers wanted to raise the prices by 33%, but their proposal was immediately turned down by Flemish Mobility Minister Lydia Peeters (Open Vld). She suggested doing something about customer friendliness first, according to the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws. Lately, there has been a flood of complaints about long waiting times, irregularities, bad communication, and arbitrariness.

Minister Peeters had asked to uniformize the rates because of price differences between Brussels and Wallonia, where you pay a lot more. Reason for the Flemish inspection centers to increase prices substantially: from €34,50 to €46, or an increase of one-third.

More expensive in Wallonia

Today, prices differ depending on the car and the type of inspection. A basic inspection costs €38,20 euros. With a gasoline car, you pay €4,90 on top. A diesel car costs even €14,60 more. In Wallonia, a basic inspection costs €55,70.

However, this was out of the question for Minister Peeters. She emphasized she had asked for more uniform prices and not higher prices.

Audit ordered

Meanwhile, Audit Flanders, an agency of the Flemish government, opens an investigation into Minister Peeters’ administration. A week ago, the Flemish opposition parties still blamed her for the lack of control in her administration.

They reproached her that there are only two inspectors to check more than three million inspections a year. Minister Peeters now wants to see whether more investments need to be made in inspectors.



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