RAM 1500 REV reservations already closed due to high demand

Less than a week after opening reservations for the electric 1500 REV pickup truck, RAM has closed the books again, citing high demand. No reservation numbers are given, however, and many of the REV’s specifications remain unclear.

RAM presented the production version of the 1500 REV in a Superbowl ad, which shows a pickup truck that doesn’t differ much from its combustion-based counterpart except for a new light signature and, of course, its battery-electric drivetrain.

Reservations are closed, but for how long?

RAM opened reservations for the 1500 REV after airing the Superbowl ad on February 12th with a $100 deposit, but there’s more public interest than anticipated. By February 17th, the reservation web page was already closed with the statement, “Membership has reached max capacity”.

It is unclear, however, how many reservations were placed and how long the books will remain closed. You can still subscribe to a newsletter to receive updates about reservations and the vehicle itself.

The RAM 1500 REV closely resembles its combustion counterpart, with the most obvious difference being a different light signature /RAM

Technical details still unknown

And more updates are needed about the RAM 1500 REV because the manufacturer has yet to release many technical details about its first electric pickup. No range figures are known yet, for example, although RAM CEO Mike Koval has previously touted a 500-mile (805 km) range.

However, it’s also possible that this segment-leading range will only be achieved with… a combustion-based range extender, which would also help preserve a usable towing range. Other innovative features, such as the folding midgate or jump seats, as seen on the RAM 1500 Revolution BEV concept, also didn’t make it to the production model.

Still, RAM promises a best-in-class towing capacity, beating the 10 000 lbs (4 536 kg) bar set by the Ford F-150 Lightning, which also closely resembles its gas-based counterpart. More information will be released leading up to the RAM 1500 REV’s production, which kicks off in 2024.


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