Hike in car sales seems to continue

Like January, February was the best second month of the year for the last three years in Belgium and Luxembourg. 39 883 cars were registered, 23,9% more than last year. Growth was registered in the company car market (+30,8%) and in the individual buyers market (+13,5%).

For the first two months of the year, the cumulative increase was +20,5% compared to 2022. Light commercial vehicles increased by 10,3% in February, light trucks by 41%, and heavier trucks (+ 16 tons) by 14,8%. Two-wheelers sales increased by 7,5%.

Brand battle

The battle for first place between the different brands is swelling. In February, Volkswagen is leading (but only just), with 3 673 cars sold (+49,6% compared to last year), against 3 650 for BMW (+36,4%). Third to fifth place is occupied by Peugeot (+20,3%), Audi (+15,3%), and Mercedes (+6%).

Looking at the two consecutive months of this year, BMW is still comfortably number one, with a 9,78% market share, followed by Volkswagen (8,71%), Mercedes (7,87%), Peugeot( 7,56%) and Audi (6,81%). Toyota is a strong number six with a 6,21% market share, while Renault (4,68% share, -20,1%) had to cease seventh place to Volvo (4,87% share, +37%).

Other noticeable growers in February were Skoda (+74%), Opel (+29,9%), Dacia (+31,2%), Ford (+29,5%), Hyundai (+26,6%), and Seat (+36,7%). Tesla (18th in the ranking) grew 58,3%, Land Rover an encouraging 190%, and Cupra a whopping 505,5%. Porsche, Jeep, and DS also did well (all some 40% up), while Suzuki, Alfa Romeo, and MG more than doubled their sales (+116,5,% +121,4%, and +162,2%, respectively). Ferrari and Alpine did well, too (+30% and +175%), but we’re talking very small absolute figures here.

Despite the registration growth, there were some losers too. Renault regressed by 15,4%), Mini lost almost a fourth (-24,8%), and Honda and Polestar lost almost half compared to February 2022 (-43,9% and -42,9%, respectively).


In France, the market is also growing, but it is going slowly, and with 126 237 cars sold in February, figures remain largely onder those pre-pandemic (+ 160 000 in February 2020). The biggest winners in the Hexagon are Dacia (+33,9%, 9,4% market share) and Toyota (+27,9%, 6,6% market share).

Stellantis Group remains the market leader overall but lost 4%. Opel and DS did well (both 18,4% up), but couldn’t compensate for Citroën (-23,7%) and Fiat (-12,9%).

Electric cars now represent 16%of all registrations in France (12% last year in February); Tesla stays leader but regresses slightly (-5,8%). A notorious newcomer is MG, where the MG4 is becoming very popular.


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