Rapper Wyclef Jean launches the ‘lightest electric supercar’… again

Wyclef Jean, of Fugees fame, has launched the Attucks Apex AP-0 at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in Florida. The AP-0 is touted as the world’s lightest electric supercar, although it’s not the first time the car has been launched.

Back in 2020, a new car company called Apex revealed the AP-0 concept EV sports car. It was a UK-designed and -built electric supercar, promising a 2,3 second 0-100 km/hour sprint and a driving range of 515 km thanks to a 90 kWh battery pack. Even with that giant battery, the AP-0 promised a weight of just 1 200 kg.

Even with a 550 kg battery pack, the Attucks Apex AP-0 promises a weight of just 1 200 kg, which is light even for combustion standards /Attucks

The Apex AP-0 has a composite monocoque chassis, which keeps the weight down, and is designed by British designer Guy Colborne, whose portfolio includes stints at Opel, Daewoo, and Ford, where he led the design of the Focus CC. It also has many ADAS systems for a driver-focused supercar, including Level 3 autonomy thanks to LiDAR and augmented reality ‘Race Instructor’.

US influence

Now, the AP-0 has been relaunched at the Amelia Concours. Apex has joined forces with Attucks Futures and Technology, a company founded by Haitian-American rapper Wyclef Jean, to bring the AP-0 to the US. Jean even speaks of a “US-built EV supercar,” although it remains unclear where the AP-0 would be eventually produced.

The specs remain the same. A 650 hp electric motor powers the rear axle, and the battery and weight figures are unaltered. What has changed is the price and availability. Instead of an initial £150 000 (€169 000) launch price, Attucks and Apex now advertise $350 000 (€328 000) with deliveries starting in 2024 instead of Q4 2022.


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